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A group of webtalkers joined together to form the Webtalk Legends. . The official website for the Webtalk Legends ( WL) provides links to free training videos and challenges that will enhance your experience at Webtalk.

What is Webtalk?

Webtalk is a CRM social media platform that is currently in beta mode. You can join, interact with other members and earn rewards for sharing content and helping the platform grow.  Influencers will be able to generate a considerable income from the site as they introduce new features in upcoming releases. Most of the members of Webtalk Legends met through connections at Webtalk. If you have never heard of webtalk, please click one of the profiles on this page and join the community to start earning for your social media activity.

Training Videos and Updates

Be sure to check out all the videos at our channel. Find videos with training, affirmations, guest interview podcasts and more. Our video library is growing with the support of our team members. We hope you will visit and subscribe to our channel. For future videos, be sure to click the Notify Me Button so you don’t miss anything.

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